CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory(CSIR-NCL), Pune
Insulin Complex for Oral Delivery

Diabetic patients have to administer insulin regularly. Injecting it into the dorsal subcutaneous tissues is very painful for children, pregnant women, elderly and arthritis patients.

CSIR-NCL Celebrates 70th Foundation Day

CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory (CSIR-NCL), Pune, celebrated its 70th Foundation Day on 6 January 2020.

Dr Sakya Singha Sen Receives Merck Young Scientist Award

Dr Sakya Singha Sen, a Senior Scientist from CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory (CSIR-NCL), Pune, received the Merck Young Scientist Award 2019 in Chemical Sciences recently at Bengaluru.

DG-CSIR Inaugurates Pilot Plant for Continuous Flow Manufacture of Silver Nanowires

CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), Pune has developed the world’s most inexpensive technology for continuous large scale production of precision silver nanowires on a large scale.

Annual Students Conference 2019 at CSIR-NCL

Research students at CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory (CSIR-NCL), Pune, with support from the Student Academic Office organised the second Annual Students Conference during 28-29 November 2019 to provide a platform to the research students and expose them to various research disciplines providing an opportunity to know the work, concept, mindset & strategies of other research groups.

Early Diagnostic Biomarker for Diabetic Nephropathy

A recent breakthrough research study has identified urinary Asymmetric to Symmetric dimethylarginine Ratio (ASR) as a potential biomarker for early prediction of Diabetic Nephropathy (DN).

CSIR-NCL and GMM-Pfaudler Sign Licensing Agreement for Glass-lined Micro-reactors

Continuous flow manufacturing is considered as the future of pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industry.

Shri U. Raja Babu Delivers the National Science Day Lecture at CSIR-NCL

CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory (CSIR-NCL), Pune, celebrated the National Science Day with a lecture by Shri U. Raja Babu, Project Director, Mission Shakti, DRDO, Hyderabad, on “Technological Challenges: Missile and Space Defence” on 28 February 2020. 

CSIR Intensifies Fight Against COVID-19, Rolls Out Key Initiatives to Combat Coronavirus Spread

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing its deadly run by infecting more than a million people and causing the death of more than 82,000 people across the world, the laboratories of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) intensified their efforts at combating the pandemic.

#CSIRFightsCovid19 – A Snapshot

Surveillance at the level of the virus, humans, and geographical origins and distributions is a critical step in combating Covid-19.

CSIR-NCL Controls Acetic Acid Leakage Accident in Pune

An acid leakage accident from a 30 metric tonne tanker happened late night on 27 May 2020 near Chandni Chowk, Pune.


Ever since the Coronavirus pandemic broke out, CSIR has mounted a strategic, well-coordinated and integrated approach towards mitigating the Coronavirus outbreak.

CSIR-NCL Celebrates International Women’s Day

CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory (CSIR-NCL), Pune, celebrated the International Women’s Day by organising various activities including a half-day symposium on “Women in Science” on 9 March 2020.

CSIR Combating Coronavirus

CSIR has been leading the fight against COVID-19 and contributing extensively to overcome the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

Combating Multi-drug Resistant Malaria Parasite

A robust drug candidate for the treatment of infections due to parasites that have resistance to the antimalarial drugs including artemisinin.

CSIR-NCL’s Medical Grade Mask Enters Production

The Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of CSIR-NCL mask is 99.9% and Particulate Filter Efficiency (PFE) is 92.63% PFE.

CSIR Researchers to Explore Ways to Utilise PPE waste

Four CSIR institutes, have come together to devise methodologies to convert discarded PPE kits and other plastic waste into pellets that can be used for road construction or moulded for other applications.

Dr Harsh Vardhan Launches Eco-friendly, Efficient and DME Fired “Aditi Urja Sanch” Unit at CSIR-NCL, Pune

CSIR-NCL has developed the nation’s first pilot plant operated with clean and cost-efficient fuel 'DME' with 20-24Kg/day capacity.

Symposium on “Challenges to Opportunities” at CSIR-NCL

CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory (CSIR-NCL), Pune, organised a half-day online virtual symposium on “Challenges to Opportunities” in honour of Prof. Ashwini Kumar Nangia, Director, CSIR-NCL on 5 November 2020.

Dr S. Chandrasekhar takes Charge as Director CSIR-NCL

Dr Srivari Chandrasekhar, Director, CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (CSIR-IICT), Hyderabad, and a distinguished synthetic organic chemist, has taken over additional charge as the Director of CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory (CSIR-NCL), Pune, in the Afternoon of 27 November 2020.

CSIR to Establish Third Genome Sequencing Lab

After the National Institute of Virology and the National Centre for Cell Science in Pune, CSIR will set up a third genome sequencing lab in Pune.

Two CSIR Labs Celebrate the National Science Day

National Science Day lecture on “Making the Vision of India's New STIP a Reality: What does this mean for the Development of Human Capital?”

Dr Manjusha Shelke Selected for the Prestigious SERB-POWER Fellowship

Dr Manjusha V. Shelke, Principal Scientist with Physical and Materials Chemistry Division of CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory (CSIR-NCL), Pune, has been selected to receive the prestigious SERB-POWER fellowship.

Dr Samir Chikkali and team Honoured with National Award for Technology Innovation

Dr Samir Chikkali and his team have received the National Award for Technology Innovation in the category of “Innovations in Polymeric Materials” for their work on disentangled ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene.

Dr Ashish LeleTakes Charge as Director of CSIR-NCL

Dr Ashish Lele joined CSIR-NCL in 1993 as a scientist and set up a research group on the rheology of complex fluids, polymer dynamics, and polymer processing.

Vigyan Jyoti Lecture Series by CSIR-NCL

“The Effect of Force: Equilibrium and Motion”

CSIR-NCL Celebrates the National Technology Day

“Hydrogen is the only option for deep decarbonisation,” Shri Ravi Pandit.

CSIR-NCL Scientist Appointed Director of Centre for Nano and Soft Matter Sciences

Dr B.L.V. Prasad, a Senior Principal Scientist CSIR-NCL, Pune, has been selected as the Director of CeNS, Bengaluru.

CSIR-NCL Conducts a Demonstrative Lecture under CSIR DST Vigyan Jyoti Programme

The programme introduced by the Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India, aims to encourage girl students to take interest in science and pursue careers in STEM subjects.

Professor K. Venkataraman Memorial Lecture in Organic Chemistry

A lecture on "The Baylis-Hillman Reaction: Our vision, thirty seven years of our experience and contributions"

Artificial Intelligence: A Core Technology of Future. No Nation Left Behind

A core member of the Robert Bosch Center for Data Science and AI (RBC-DSAI), the speaker reiterated that Indian engineers and scientists should be actively engaged in contributing significantly to expanding AI skills.

NCL at 100: Building Memories of the Future

CSIR-NCL 72 Foundation Day Celebration

Novel Mosquito Repelling Molecule Identified by CSIR Team

Researchers used the “silicon switch” approach to synthesise a library of compounds based on the DEET scaffold, which is today’s gold standard for insect repellents.

CSIR-NCL Celebrates Open Day

Dr Ashish Lele, Director, CSIR-NCL, shared anecdotes on the formation of the CSIR and its constituent laboratories and informed about the crucial role played by the legendary scientists and leaders at that time.

CSIR-NCL wins CII Award for Best Patents Portfolio

CII Industrial Intellectual Property Awards aim to recognise and celebrate organisations that have embraced IP generation and protection to fuel business and economic growth.

Exploring RNAi and Nanotechnology for Cancer Therapeutics

The proposed bio-drug is non-toxic, bio-compatible with a higher uptake efficiency, and shows effective site-specific delivery with regression of tumours in two different mouse models of colon and breast cancer.

CSIR-NCL Signs Licensing Agreement with SKYi Innovations LLP

It is an eco-friendly process since it is solvent-free and involves a metal-free catalyst.

CSIR-NCL Celebrates its 72nd Foundation Day

Shri Subroto Bagchi’s talk was focused on the concept of “memories for the future”. He initiated his talk by saying, “Human brain essentially is a memory device. And most of the memories are about the past.

National Conference on "The Impact of Natural Product Total Synthesis on Science and Society"

The Impact of Natural Product Total Synthesis on Science and Society

CSIR-NCL celebrates the National Technology Day

Shri Vidyut Mohan, Co-Founder and CEO of “Takachar” rendered the National Technology Day Lecture on the topic “Harvesting value from Agricultural and Forest waste.”

CSIR-NCL Celebrates the 76th Indian Independence Day

Shri Sahasrabudhe said that the freedom movement was not only fought by political and social leaders, but scientific leaders were also actively involved in it.

Symposium on “Microbial World” at CSIR-NCL

Dr Yogesh Shouchegave the inaugural address and plenary session on the ‘Microbiome and emerging career opportunities.’ 

CSIR-NCL Bags Certificate for Spreading Awareness on Intellectual Property Rights

An awareness programme was organised jointly by the CSIR-NCL and IntellectualProperty Office, Kolkata, as part of the 75th anniversary of India’s Independence.

Dr Jitendra Singh Inaugurates Bisphenol-A Pilot Plant at CSIR-NCL

The uniqueness of the method developed by CSIR-NCL is a novel downstream process technology, which makes this indigenous technology competitive with global benchmarks.

Prof. Vidita Vaidya Delivers the CSIR Foundation Day Lecture at CSIR-NCL

Prof. Vidita Vaidya, TIFR, Mumbai, delivered the CSIR Foundation Day Lecture at CSIR-NCL, Pune, on the topic “Serotonergic Psychedelics: A revival”.

CSIR-NCL and University of Hyderabad Discover Novel Hydrate Polymorphs of Entresto

CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory (CSIR-NCL), Pune, as part of a Mission Mode programme funded by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), initiated research on novel crystalline hydrate forms and polymorphs of Entresto in 2018.

CSIR-NCL’s technology business incubator Venture Center receives National Intellectual Property Award for Nurturing IP

The technology business incubator at CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory (CSIR-NCL), Pune, Venture Center has been declared the winner of the National Intellectual Property Awards 2021 & 2022 under the category of "Best Incubator for Nurturing IP". This award is given by the Office of Controller General of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks.

CSIR-NCL Celebrates 73rd Foundation Day

CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory (CSIR-NCL), Pune, celebrated the 73rd Foundation Day on 3 January 2023.

Director of CSIR-NCL Receivesthe Engineering Council of India’s Eminent Engineer Award

Dr Ashish Lele, Director, CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory (CSIR-NCL), Pune, received the Engineering Council of Indi’s Eminent Engineer Award

“One Week, One Lab” Campaign at CSIR-NCL

CSIR-NCL organises various events during a week-long celebration.

CSIR-NCL Organises IISF-2023 Curtain-Raiser Programme

The curtain-raiser programme successfully ignited the spirit of scientific temper, paving the way for the much-anticipated IISF 2023.

Prof. Stefan Mecking Delivers Dr RA Mashelkar Endowment Lecture

Prof. Stefan Mecking, Chair of Chemical Materials Science, University of Konstanz presented innovative approaches to address these challenges.

CSIR-NCL Celebrates 74th Foundation Day

Dr Forbes, Co-Chairman, Forbes Marshall, highlighted the essential connection between industry and research institutions, urging CSIR-NCL to prioritise collaborative efforts with industry and educational institutions.

CSIR-NCL Honoured as Top Patent Driven Research Organisation

The award was given in the 3rd IP Excellence Award ceremony as part of the Global IP Conclave.

Prof. Chetan Singh Solanki Delivers a talk on ‘Climate Change’ at CSIR-NCL

Prof. Chetan Solanki, founder of the Energy Swaraj Foundation, motivated the students to implement the solar energy boundary conditions of limiting energy consumption and localising production.

CSIR-NCL Celebrates National Safety Week with Emphasis on ESG Leadership

Throughout the week, CSIR-NCL conducted a series of activities to raise awareness and enhance safety practices among its students and staff.

A Talk on Science and Entrepreneurship at CSIR-NCL

Dr Ashish Lele, Director, CSIR-NCL, emphasised the critical role of translating technology and its commercialisation, describing it as a long journey with many milestones but no endpoints.

One Week One Theme-EED Programme

CSIR-NIScPR and CSIR-NCL Jointly Organise One Week One Theme under the theme EED.