Visit of CSIR DG Dr N Kalaiselvi to CSIR-CBRI Laboratory

On the 8th of June, Dr N Kalaiselvi, the Director General of CSIR, along with joint secretary, CSIR, Mr Mahendra Kumar Gupta visited the CSIR-CBRI (CSIR-Central Building Research Institute), Roorkee.

Dr PKS Chauhan welcomed the guests on this occasion. Director CSIR-CBRI Prof. R Pradeep Kumar formally welcomed Dr N Kalaiselvi and expressed his deep gratitude for her visit, emphasising the importance of her presence and the positive impact it had on the entire CBRI team. The Director acknowledged the unwavering support and guidance provided by CSIR under the vibrant leadership of Dr N Kalaiselvi.

Dr N Kalaiselvi addressing staff members of CSIR-CBRI expressed her admiration for the exceptional contributions made by CBRI in various significant areas. She highlighted key initiatives that particularly impressed her: the technical contribution for newly constructed Parliament House, the disaster management efforts in Joshimath, and the “One Week, One Lab” programme organised by CBRI. She mentioned that the nation is profoundly affected by CSIR-CBRI's role in ensuring the preservation of India's architectural heritage the Parliament House with ability to deliver high-quality solutions with its technical expertise within strict timelines, which strengthened the public's perception about CSIR labs. She recognised the significant role played by CSIR-CBRI in providing disaster management solutions and rehabilitation efforts for the calamity that struck Joshimath and praised the CBRI team for their dedication and commitment to helping the affected community. She also appreciated the “One Week, One Lab” program organised by CSIR-CBRI.

After the inspiring talk, Dr N Kalaiselvi visited the newly inaugurated exhibition hall of CSIR-CBRI, which showcased the institute's achievements, ongoing projects, and cutting-edge research in various fields related to building materials, structural engineering, and disaster management. She took keen interest in the exhibits and interacted with the researchers, appreciating their efforts and advancements.